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Design process
of the operator interface

Applied to Automating Machines Industry

Collection of information

In this phase of the Interface design process, information is collected regarding the operation of the machine, the production phases and the manufacturing company. It is necessary to interface with the different users of the machine: the designer, the engineer, the programmer, the operator (maintenance, tester, final operator) and with the company's marketing, communication and commercial departments.


Definition of guidelines

Collecting the necessary information, the objectives to be achieved in the various project plans are defined: the functional, stylistic, development and maintenance aspects of the software and the scalability of the project within the production line.

Identification of information flows

Identify information flows and their connection, correct presentation and navigation.


Evaluation of navigation dynamics

The navigation dynamics are linked to the possibilities offered by the development language, in this phase the different solutions are evaluated.

Realization of the navigation prototype

Creation of the navigation prototype which allows an initial evaluation and validation of the previous phases and of the choices made.



Verification by operators and related adjustments to navigation and display.

Definition of Graphic Styles

Study and release of graphic styles to be applied in the development of templates. The concepts of brand / corporate communication are applied, the values of semiotics are highlighted, the use of color and the iconographic style is defined.



Verification by operators and adjustments to navigation and display. Usage tests with the involvement of operators, collection of inputs and improvements.


Template release

Release of the templates for use by developers, this phase is developed respecting the roadmap defined with the customer in order to allow progress in an agile way.

Tools and applications

The design takes place mainly with the use of tools of the Adobe® family, the subsequent phases are developed in the various programming platforms, such as: HTML, CSS, MappView®, Java, Visual Studio - DevExpress.

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