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  • Daniele Buttaci, Standard Applications Manager - Marketing Manager
    So much care for the customer and for the result.
    Adriana Gomez is a very skilled professional who followed the design of the graphic interface of one of our industrial laser machines line. Right from the start she was very careful to understand the needs and then very scrupulous in proposing valid graphic alternatives from which to choose the solution that best expressed our identity. Always open to discussions, she was able to complete the graphic design by supporting us during the programming code activities. Big care for the customer and for the result combined with absolutely fast execution times without any compromise. Thanks Adriana!
    Daniele Buttaci, Standard Applications Manager - Marketing Manager
  • Direttore Marketing,
    Competence and professionalism.
    She is one of the most reliable, precise and punctual people I have ever worked with. In addition to this, she is one of those people in whom the management of company suppliers can be placed with confidence, who will be managed with competence, professionalism and in the company's interests for the achievement of the project scopes. She always gives 100% allowing clients to sleep peacefully.
    Direttore Marketing,
    General Marketing Srl
  • Ph.D. Paolo Benati,  R&D department
    High level of professionalism.
    The collaboration relationship with AGDesigner turned out to be very profitable and satisfying, we found a high level of professionalism especially in the ergonomic study and in the proposition of graphic solutions for the management of information content. The ideas presented were the result of careful study and careful and repeated elaboration, also supported by the use of the most recent technologies available in the web graphic environment. Last but not least, the almost rigorous respect of delivery times should also be highlighted, combined with the availability of support (even with short notice) and the sudden proposition of alternative solutions aimed at adapting project requests to precise cases dictated by field needs.
    Ph.D. Paolo Benati, R&D department
    Doteco SpA (MO) Italia
  • Emilio Benfenati, Head, Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology
    Fully satisfied with the creative work.
    We are fully satisfied with the creative work done by Adriana Gomez in the context of the 10 European Community projects  in which we were coordinators. She has been involved in various web developments, she has created for us original brands and numerous publicity materials,  allowing us to disseminate our products with an artistic touch. AGDesigner has brought with it innovative ideas and created a communication attractive to different projects, making our work easily understandable and captivating. AGDesigner was  very professional, indicating the most suitable technological solutions.
    Emilio Benfenati, Head, Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology
    Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche "Mario Negri"
  • Paolo Mazzaglia
    Excellent at finding solutions.
    AGDesigner has been taking care of our company website since our foundation. She has always been efficient, fast, creative and as  a partner she has all our trust. She is also very active in keeping us updated on what is happening in her field and recently identified a threat to our hosting service and helped us migrate quickly to safer waters. 58 / 5,000 Translation results Translation result She really is Miss Wolf (problem solving) in web design.
    Paolo Mazzaglia
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