Consulting Services


Consulting in visual communication for the web and for different devices

The service is aimed at companies that develop multi-platform digital products; software solutions or websites designed to be usable by devices in different resolutions: PC, mobile, tablet, etc.

The solutions offered are based on a detailed study of the different aspects that make up the Human-Machine System to allow us to offer an original and intuitive solution. The methodology used and tested over the years of experience is based on the careful study of the user's choices and his experience during the use of our solutions - UX.

Consultancy in design of HMI interfaces for operator panels in the automatic industry

The service is aimed at manufacturers of Automating Machine Industry that use operator panels (Panel PC) for production control. The HMI machine interface design solutions offered include; the behavioral study of the different users, the analysis of the functionality of the system and the needs of the company in terms of communication and marketing objectives.

The released product meets the customer's objectives, for example:

  • Cross-platform and cross-device (multiscreening)
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Multilingual and pluricultural
  • Unique and recognizable
  • Adaptable to new technological developments

Consulting in visual communication and interface design for applications and software

Study and design of innovative and captivating user interfaces with particular attention to the conceptual study. The solutions include an in-depth ergonomic study of the individual activities in which the end user is involved to create an understandable, effective and recognizable product.

We work to improve the user's relationship with automatic machines, software and technologies through a human-centered approach.

What to expect from
our products and services;



Our design communicates with the users in their common day language, use the real world as a pattern to guide the users in the product activities where the user manipulation is needed.

  • Stress reducing
  • Low effort
  • Quick training
  • Production time efficiency
  • Machine failure stop reduction
  • Peaceful work environment



The user interfaces design process is studied to release timely feedback during the use, the users feel comfortable during the steps and knows what the product are elaborating in each process task.

  • Production Efficiency
  • Process Safety
  • Error Prevention
  • Trust in the product



The users be guided by the navigation and graphic elements, the tasks are studied to be activated by the specific process guiding the users or give a free decision where the process allow them. The decisions to be taken by the users are studied to be safe for themselves and to be productive for the industry. The decisions that must be made by users are designed to be safe and productive.

  • Production Efficiency



The user interface is designed to be customizable, adaptable to each specific activity and user: the operator, the maintenance technician, the tester and the programmer.

  • One training for all products
  • Software Development and maintenance efficient


Industry Standard

The final product respect the specific Industry Standards, automation Industry Standard as OMAC – PackML is used and apply to the visualization and states of the Interface is needed.

  • Industry Standards compliant



As a software product, our design architecture is developed to be implemented in different resolutions displays, to be modular and ready to be used in several types of automatic industrial machines and products versions if it is required.

  • Reduction of software development and maintenance activities
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