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Adriana Gomez, Industrial Designer
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With over 15 years of experience, AGDesigner has been dedicated to supporting companies in various sectors by providing innovative and original design solutions. Specializing in user interface design for web, applications, mobile, and the automating machine industry, AGDesigner places a strong emphasis on enhancing user experience (UX).

The extensive knowledge gained across industrial, web, and service sectors enriches the value of the services offered, as AGDesigner possesses a comprehensive project vision and a deep understanding of the tools and technologies necessary for optimal product development. This expertise significantly improves human-machine interaction, facilitating seamless collaboration.

AGDesigner has established a robust network of professionals and specialized companies in various design fields, including software development, web applications, web motion and animation, photography, and more. This network contributes to the overall quality and breadth of services provided by AGDesigner. AGDesigner's consultancy and development work in HMI, GUI, and UX projects spans across diverse industries such as packaging, plastics, pharmaceuticals, logistics, food and beverage, research and environmental, robotics, milling, and others.

In 2022, AGDesigner established AGDLAB to meet the growing demand for ready-to-use products in the machine automation industry. AGDLAB serves as a centralized hub where graphic assets, such as an iconographic library and graphic templates embedded in MappView visualization software, are offered. These products are the result of AGDesigner's and their team's extensive experience, specifically tailored and developed for Human-Machine Interfaces in the machine automation industry.

AGDLAB is soon set to provide customers with ready-to-use templates that are modular, customizable, and scalable for different resolutions, display orientations, and multi-devices. These templates aim to simplify the work of automation engineers and developers, reducing development time for operator interfaces and implementation costs, all while maintaining a high standard of navigation and visualization of machine information for operators.

Moreover, AGDLAB's products enable the overall configuration of operator interfaces and offer scalability of the graphic interface across various industrial contexts.

Our experience is enriched thanks to collaboration with customers from different industrial sectors;